Friday, February 27, 2015

LLAP: RIP Leonard Nimoy

Why am I crying today? I haven’t met the man; we never spent time together. But I’m sitting here contemplating what he “HAS” done in my life. I (like many) know him most of all as Mr. Spock from one of my favourite shows of all time. He was the guy who didn’t cry. He did show me a sense of morals in my youth, that I try to live today, but consider the man outside this persona… Twitter was the only way I really got to know him as Leonard Nimoy (give or take an interview or two about his amazing sense of humor and love). He was kind, and fierce when it came to issues of humanity. He had no problem fighting for the equality of any other on this planet. He fought for this world and never quit. His last tweet even summed up life, “A garden… Perfect moments to be had…” I challenge you to create those perfect moments… not for yourself, but for others. This is how I will remember him. He was a man who tirelessly fought for those moments for others, not for himself. I guess the needs of the many really do outweigh the needs of the few, or the one! RIP Leonard Nimoy